Topline Vet Physio plays a valid part in my competition preparation and horse’s wellbeing. With regular treatments Felicity keeps both myself and my mare in excellent condition and at the top of our game. Our results so far this season speak for themselves. Felicity is extremely thorough and really understands your horse’s needs. Her calm and relaxed approach around the horse is really beneficial, especially when dealing with a nervous or tense horse. I can highly recommend Felicity and would not be without her!

Hayley Vallance, Lincoln

Equine Physiotherapy

Under Veterinary Referral, Topline Veterinary Physiotherapy provides a high quality assessment and treatment service, tailored to the individual needs of the client and owner. Our aim is to be able to restore movement, decrease pain and return animals to their optimal function.

  • Polly enjoying a canter after a treatment session

  • Pole work rehabilitation
  • Pulsed electromagnetic energy treatment
  • Assessment of spinal reflexes
  • Teaching an owner appropriate carrot stretches

  • Equine palpatory assessment
Equine problems that can benefit from Veterinary Physiotherapy:


  • • Soft tissue injury (muscles, tendons and ligaments)
    • Joint problems (arthritis/degenerative joint disease, pain/swelling/stiffness in joints )
    • Back pain
    • Poor performance
    • Behavioural changes
    • Lameness (and secondary compensations related to lameness)
    • Asymmetry due to muscle imbalance
    • Nerve injuries
    • Post surgical rehabilitation
    • Rider related issues (see rider assessments below)

  • Treatments include:
  • • Manual therapy (such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations)
    • Electrotherapy (ultrasounds, laser, pulsed electromagnetic energy)
    • Exercise therapy
    • Expert advice
    • Combined rider and horse assessment and treatment

Topline Veterinary Physiotherapy carries out a full assessment on each individual client and then formulates an appropriate treatment plan. Assessments are usually at the horses’ stable yard (under veterinary referral) however alternatives are available; please contact Topline Vet Physio for more details. Felicity also works with Kate Hesse of On Track Physiotherapy; treating horses from a variety of disciplines within the Bourne/Spalding area, in conjunction with Tower Equine.

Rider assessment


A horse can be restricted, in pain or not performing to its optimal standard if its rider is suffering from symptoms such as stiffness, pain, and muscle imbalance. As a chartered physiotherapist, Felicity can provide horse/rider assessments to help reduce pain, improve suppleness, flexibility and strength. Felicity can work with your trainer to look at biomechanical issues when riding, and provide a treatment plan to enhance rider function.


Human treatments available
• Joint mobilizations/manipulations
• Soft tissue work
• Exercises/stretches
• Pilates to improve core strength and stability (instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, APPI)
• Acupuncture

Felicity attends monthly clinics at Wolds Dressage and training with Lara Dennis, Great Britain Para-Dressage rider, providing rider and horse assessments, and treatments when requested.


07793 244420